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Farmall Cub Forever Engine Parts

Important note: Whenever you do engine work that requires oil to be drained and the engine is left empty of oil for a period of time, it is important that the oil pump be primed after reassembly and before attempting to restart the engine. All you have to do is add at least one of the quarts of fresh oil through the empty oil filter chamber. If you add all oil through the oil filler pipe the oil pump will not be primed and excessive wear of engine parts will occur upon restart.

Other Engine Parts:

International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub OEM and reproduction engine parts

International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub OEM and reproduction engine parts

Cub Muffler (SKU: 351436R92)Cub Muffler (SKU: 351436R92)Genuine OEM Farmall Cub muffler.

Note:  This item cannot ship via Priority Mail…..UPS only please!
Oil Pan Gasket (SKU: FTC818)Oil Pan Gasket (SKU: FTC818)Farmall Cub oil pan gasket
Ignition Wire Set for all 4-cylinder Farmall Tractors (SKU: FTC799)Ignition Wire Set for all 4-cylinder Farmall Tractors (SKU: FTC799)Farmall Cub ignition wire set. Fits all Farmall 4-cylinder tractors
Fan Belt (SKU: ABC098)Fan Belt (SKU: ABC098)Farmall Cub fan belt
Generator belt, newer style (SKU: ABC100)Generator belt, newer style (SKU: ABC100)Farmall Cub generator belt, newer style
Generator Belt, older style (SKU: ABC099)Generator Belt, older style (SKU: ABC099)Farmall Cub generator belt, older style
Hand Crank (SKU: FTC543)Hand Crank (SKU: FTC543)International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub hand crank
Bracket, Cub crank w/ mtg screw (SKU: FTC2018)Bracket, Cub crank w/ mtg screw (SKU: FTC2018)International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub crank bracket, 2 required per tractor
Governor Spring (SKU: 121709C1)Governor Spring (SKU: 121709C1)Farmall Cub Governor Spring
Governor Tension Fork (SKU: 251462R1)Governor Tension Fork (SKU: 251462R1)Farmall Cub Governor Tension Fork
Gasket, Oil Filter Stud (SKU: 25352D)Gasket, Oil Filter Stud (SKU: 25352D)Case IH Farmall Cub oil filter stud gasket.
Oil seal, magneto drive (SKU: 251379R91)Case IH Farmall Cub magneto drive oil seal.
Gasket, Oil Pan Drain Plug (SKU: ABC540)Gasket, Oil Pan Drain Plug (SKU: ABC540)Farmall Cub oil pan drain plug gasket
Intake valve for C60 engine (SKU: 251260R1)Farmall Cub C60 engine intake valve
Exhaust valve for C60 engine (SKU: 251261R2)Farmall Cub C60 engine exhaust valve
Valve spring for C60 engine (SKU: 251262R2)Farmall Cub valve spring for C60 engine
Valve Guide for C60 Engine (SKU: 352973R3)Farmall Cub valve guide
C-60 engine valve keepers (SKU: 46209D)Farmall Cub valve keeper
Gasket, crankcase front cover (SKU: 351675R2)Gasket, crankcase front cover (SKU: 351675R2)Case IH Farmall Cub crankcase front cover gasket.
C-60 Crankshaft (SKU: FTC211)C-60 Crankshaft (SKU: FTC211)Farmall Cub standard size crankshaft
Item #: FTC211

Note:  This item cannot ship via Priority Mail…..UPS only please!
Rear Main Seal (SKU: 364692R91)Rear Main Seal (SKU: 364692R91)Farmall Cub Rear Main Seal
Gasket, Governor Housing (SKU: 251458R2)Gasket, Governor Housing (SKU: 251458R2)Case IH Farmall Cub governor housing gasket.
Governor Rockshaft Oil Seal (SKU: 361123R91)Governor Rockshaft Oil Seal (SKU: 361123R91)Farmall Cub Governor Rockshaft Oil Seal
Gasket, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Retainer (SKU: 251364R1)Gasket, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Retainer (SKU: 251364R1)Case IH Farmall Cub rear oil seal retainer gasket
Gasket, Farmall Cub valve cover (SKU: 251371R1)Gasket, Farmall Cub valve cover (SKU: 251371R1)Farmall Cub valve cover gasket
Connecting Rod Bushings (SKU: 251247R1)Connecting Rod Bushings (SKU: 251247R1)Farmall Cub Standard Size Connecting Rod Bushings
Gasket, Hydraulic Lift Pump (SKU: 351677R1)Gasket, Hydraulic Lift Pump (SKU: 351677R1)Case IH hydraulic lift pump gasket.
Gasket, Magneto (SKU: 46168DC)Gasket, Magneto (SKU: 46168DC)Case IH Farmall Cub magneto gasket
Seal, Manifold Flange Front (SKU: 75285739)Seal, Manifold Flange Front (SKU: 75285739)Case IH Farmall Cub manifold flange front seal.
Gasket, Oil Pump Body (SKU: 251399R1)Gasket, Oil Pump Body (SKU: 251399R1)Case IH Farmall Cub oil pump body gasket.
Gasket, Water Inlet Elbow (SKU: 251431R1)Gasket, Water Inlet Elbow (SKU: 251431R1)Case IH Farmall Cub water inlet elbow gasket.
Valve Grind Gasket Set (SKU: FTC005VGK)Valve Grind Gasket Set (SKU: FTC005VGK)Farmall Cub Valve Grind Gasket Set
Front Main Seal KIt (SKU: 378193R91)Front Main Seal KIt (SKU: 378193R91)Farmall Cub Front Main Seal Kit
Engine Gasket Package (SKU: 381732R92)Engine Gasket Package (SKU: 381732R92)Farmall Cub Engine Gasket Package
Cylinder Head (SKU: FTC005)Cylinder Head (SKU: FTC005)Farmall Cub new cylinder head

Note:  This item cannot ship via Priority Mail…..UPS only please!
Head Gasket (SKU: 251229R3)Head Gasket (SKU: 251229R3)Farmall Cub Head Gasket
Head Bolt, Long (SKU: 326-652)Head Bolt, Long (SKU: 326-652)Farmall Cub Long Head Bolt, 6 required per tractor.
Head Bolt, Short (SKU: 251230R1)Head Bolt, Short (SKU: 251230R1)Farmall Cub Short Head Bolt, 9 required per tractor
Complete Fan Assembly (SKU: FTC143)Complete Fan Assembly (SKU: FTC143)Farmall Cub complete fan assy with sealed bearing

Note:  This item cannot ship via Priority Mail…..UPS only please!
Crankshaft pulley (SKU: FTC019)Crankshaft pulley (SKU: FTC019)Farmall Cub crankshaft pulley

Note:  This item cannot ship via Priority Mail…..UPS only please!
Air Cleaner Cap, Later Style (SKU: FTC392)Air Cleaner Cap, Later Style (SKU: FTC392)Farmall Cub later style air cleaner cap
Air Cleaner Cap, Early Style (SKU: FTC391)Air Cleaner Cap, Early Style (SKU: FTC391)Farmall Cub early style air cleaner cap
Item #: FTC391
Rod Bearing Cap Bolt (SKU: 251249R2)Farmall Cub rod bearing cap bolt
Oilpan Drain Plug/Touch Control Filler Plug (SKU: ABC539)Oilpan Drain Plug/Touch Control Filler Plug (SKU: ABC539)Farmall Cub oil pan drain plug/touch control filler plug.
Chrome Muffler Clamp, 1.5" (SKU: ABC341)Chrome Muffler Clamp, 1.5" (SKU: ABC341)Farmall Cub Chrome Muffler Clamp, 1.5". Original Style, Replaces 351437R1
C 60 Engine Ring Gear (SKU: 251270R2)C 60 Engine Ring Gear (SKU: 251270R2)Cub ring gear

Note:  This item cannot ship via Priority Mail…..UPS only please!
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