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For Engine Insert Bearings (connecting rod) please pick from your serial number range below. For crankshaft bearings, click on "All Engines, Crankshaft Bearings":

Other Gaskets and Bearings:

This drawing is provided to help you pick out the gaskets and seals you may need for your final drive assemblies
Above gasket is Part # 350820R1
International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub OEM and reproduction gaskets, seals, and bearings

International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub OEM and reproduction gaskets, seals, and bearings

Oil Filter chamber cover gasket (SKU: 251407R1)Genuine Farmall Cub oil filter gasket
Gasket, carbureter float bowl (SKU: 251337R3)Genuine Farmall Cub Case IH float bowl gasket for the International Harvester 3/4 updraft carb.
Gasket, sediment bowl (SKU: ABC039)Farmall Cub sediment bowl gasket
International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub Touch-Control Rebuild Kit (SKU: 360713R92)International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub touch-control rebuilding kit. For use ONLY with touch control unit casting number 360719R1. See part # 354008R95 for use with other casting numbers.
Farmall Cub Touch-Control Gasket and O-Ring Rebuild Kit (SKU: 354008R95)International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub kit for rebuild of touch control units.
Gasket, touch control manifold flange (SKU: 352034R2)Genuine International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub touch-control manifold gasket
Gasket, rear transmission cover (PTO Housing) (SKU: FTC180)Case IH Farmall Cub rear transmission cover gasket
Gasket, gear shift tower to transmission (SKU: 351546R1)Genuine International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub transmission/gear shift housing gasket
Gasket, Radiator to base (SKU: FTC188GK)Farmall Cub radiator to base gasket
Gasket, Final Drive Pan (SKU: 350827R1)Farmall Cub Case IH final drive pan gasket
Oil Pan Gasket (SKU: FTC818)Farmall Cub oil pan gasket
Gasket, carburetor to intake manifold (SKU: ABC543)Farmall Cub carburetor to manifold gasket
Gasket, Farmall Cub valve cover (SKU: 251371R1)Farmall Cub valve cover gasket
Rear axle oil seal with housing (SKU: 350822R92)Farmall Cub rear axle oil seal
Gasket, rear axle oil seal (SKU: 350823R1)Gasket, rear axle seal housing. This gasket goes with the above seal (part # 350822R92)
Final drive gasket set (SKU: FTC1516)Farmall Cub Final Drive Gasket Set
Gasket, steering shaft bearing retainer to steering base casting (SKU: 350899R1)Farmall Cub gasket for sealing the steering bearing retainer to the base casting.
Gasket, Oil Pan Drain Plug (SKU: ABC540)Farmall Cub oil pan drain plug gasket
Gasket, Governor Housing (SKU: 251458R2)Case IH Farmall Cub governor housing gasket.
Oil Seal, steering gear bearing retainer (SKU: A11507)Farmall Cub steering shaft bottom oil seal
Gasket, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Retainer (SKU: 251364R1)Case IH Farmall Cub rear oil seal retainer gasket
Seal, Differential shaft inner bearing (SKU: 385872R91)Farmall Cub differential shaft inner bearing seal
Seal, Differential Shaft Pinion Oil (SKU: 381907R91)Farmall Cub Differential Shaft Pinion Oil Seal
Valve Grind Gasket Set (SKU: FTC005VGK)Farmall Cub Valve Grind Gasket Set
Seal, Manifold Flange Front (SKU: 75285739)Case IH Farmall Cub manifold flange front seal.
Oil seal, magneto drive (SKU: 251379R91)Case IH Farmall Cub magneto drive oil seal.
Gasket, Oil Filter Stud (SKU: 25352D)Case IH Farmall Cub oil filter stud gasket.
Gasket, crankcase front cover (SKU: 351675R2)Case IH Farmall Cub crankcase front cover gasket.
Gasket, Hydraulic Lift Pump (SKU: 351677R1)Case IH hydraulic lift pump gasket.
Gasket, Oil Pump Body (SKU: 251399R1)Case IH Farmall Cub oil pump body gasket.
Engine Gasket Package (SKU: 381732R92)Farmall Cub Engine Gasket Package
Connecting Rod Bushings (SKU: 251247R1)Farmall Cub Standard Size Connecting Rod Bushings
Rear Main Seal (SKU: 364692R91)Farmall Cub Rear Main Seal
Front Main Seal KIt (SKU: 378193R91)Farmall Cub Front Main Seal Kit
Gasket, Magneto (SKU: 46168DC)Case IH Farmall Cub magneto gasket
Head Gasket (SKU: 251229R3)Farmall Cub Head Gasket
Gasket, Water Inlet Elbow (SKU: 251431R1)Case IH Farmall Cub water inlet elbow gasket.
Water Outlet Gasket (SKU: 4665DA)Farmall Cub water outlet gasket
Differential Shaft Ball Bearing (SKU: ST364)Farmall Cub differential shaft ball bearing.
Left Hand Rear Axle Bearing Cap Gasket AND also used on Rt for seal retainer collar (SKU: 350820R1)Farmall Cub left hand rear axle bearing cap gasket and right hand seal retainer collar gasket
Bearing Assembly, Rear Axle Inner Cone (SKU: 87012297)Farmall Cub rear axle inner cone bearing assembly
Transmission shaft oil seal (SKU: 528810R91)Farmall Cub transmission shaft oil seal
Transmission shaft oil seal gasket (SKU: 350866R1)Farmall Cub transmission shaft oil seal gasket
Manifold Gasket Set (SKU: FTC145GK)Farmall Cub manifold gasket set
Front wheel outer bearing (SKU: 350774R91)Cub front wheel outer bearing
Inner front wheel bearing cup (race) (SKU: 350772R1)Farmall Cub inner front wheel bearing cup
Right Rear Axle Nut Retainer Seal (SKU: 382220R91)Farmall Cub rear axle right hand retainer seal
Front wheel outer bearing cup (race) (SKU: 350775R1)Cub front wheel outer bearing cup (race)
PTO Bearing Kit (SKU: FTC007BK)Farmall Cub PTO Bearing Kit
Inner front wheel bearing (SKU: 350771R91)Cub front wheel inner bearing
Distributor gear cover gasket (SKU: 251532R2)Cub distributor gear cover gasket
Distributor body gasket (SKU: 251530R1)Cub distributor body gasket
Rear Axle Outer Cone Bearing Assy (SKU: 166263)Farmall Cub rear axle outer cone bearing assy.
PTO Cover Gasket/Shaft Oil Seal & Bearing Retainer Gasket (SKU: FTC178)Farmall Cub PTO Cover Gasket
Rear Axle Inner Bearing Cup (SKU: 350809R1)Farmall Cub rear axle inner bearing cup.
Gasket, Differential Shaft Bearing Retainer (SKU: 350804R1)Farmall Cub differential shaft bearing retainer gasket.
Rear Axle Outer Bearing Cup (SKU: ST973)Farmall Cub rear axle outer bearing cup.
Magneto Gasket Set (SKU: FTC1166)Farmall Cub Magneto Gasket Set
Distributor or Magneto Mounting Gasket (SKU: ABC556)Farmall Cub Distributor or Magneto Mounting Gasket
Bearing, Transmission Spline Shaft Front (SKU: ST542)Bearing, transmission spline shaft front
Lower steering gear gasket (SKU: 350893R2)Cub lower steering gear gasket
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