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1950 Ford 8N1950 Ford 8N1950 Ford 8N for show or go.
1952 Ferguson Tractor1952 Ferguson Tractor1952 Ferguson tractor.  Good runner with good sheet metal and rubber
1953 Farmall Cub with Implements1953 Farmall Cub with Implements1953 Farmall Cub and Implements
Product List

Product List

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Farmall Cub Forever Oil System Parts

Oil Pressure Gauge 1955 and up (SKU: FTC771)Oil Pressure Gauge 1955 and up (SKU: FTC771)International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub late oil pressure gauge
Cover, Oil Filter Chamber (SKU: 251406R2)Cover, Oil Filter Chamber (SKU: 251406R2)Farmall Cub Oil Filter Chamber Cover
Oil Pressure Gauge 1948-1954 (SKU: FTC458)Oil Pressure Gauge 1948-1954 (SKU: FTC458)Farmall Cub 1948 to 1954 oil pressure gauge.
Gasket, Oil Pan Drain Plug (SKU: ABC540)Gasket, Oil Pan Drain Plug (SKU: ABC540)Farmall Cub oil pan drain plug gasket
Oil seal, magneto drive (SKU: 251379R91)Case IH Farmall Cub magneto drive oil seal.
Gasket, Oil Filter Stud (SKU: 25352D)Gasket, Oil Filter Stud (SKU: 25352D)Case IH Farmall Cub oil filter stud gasket.
Oilpan Drain Plug/Touch Control Filler Plug (SKU: ABC539)Oilpan Drain Plug/Touch Control Filler Plug (SKU: ABC539)Farmall Cub oil pan drain plug/touch control filler plug.
Gasket, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Retainer (SKU: 251364R1)Gasket, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Retainer (SKU: 251364R1)Case IH Farmall Cub rear oil seal retainer gasket
Oil Filter chamber cover gasket (SKU: 251407R1)Oil Filter chamber cover gasket (SKU: 251407R1)Genuine Farmall Cub oil filter gasket
Oil Filter (SKU: 376373R91)Oil Filter (SKU: 376373R91)Case is literally written all over this filter. It's the OEM part for best performance of your Cub. Change your oil filter at regular intervals.
Oil Pan Gasket (SKU: FTC818)Oil Pan Gasket (SKU: FTC818)Farmall Cub oil pan gasket
Gasket, Farmall Cub valve cover (SKU: 251371R1)Gasket, Farmall Cub valve cover (SKU: 251371R1)Farmall Cub valve cover gasket
Gasket, Oil Pump Body (SKU: 251399R1)Gasket, Oil Pump Body (SKU: 251399R1)Case IH Farmall Cub oil pump body gasket.
Oil Filter Chamber Drain Cover (SKU: FTC925)Oil Filter Chamber Drain Cover (SKU: FTC925)Oil filter chamber drain cover
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