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Farmall Cub Forever Oil System Parts

Oil Pressure Gauge 1955 and up (SKU: FTC771)Oil Pressure Gauge 1955 and up (SKU: FTC771)International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub late oil pressure gauge
Cover, Oil Filter Chamber (SKU: 251406R2)Cover, Oil Filter Chamber (SKU: 251406R2)Farmall Cub Oil Filter Chamber Cover
Oil Pressure Gauge 1948-1954 (SKU: FTC458)Oil Pressure Gauge 1948-1954 (SKU: FTC458)Farmall Cub 1948 to 1954 oil pressure gauge.
Gasket, Oil Pan Drain Plug (SKU: ABC540)Gasket, Oil Pan Drain Plug (SKU: ABC540)Farmall Cub oil pan drain plug gasket
Oil seal, magneto drive (SKU: 251379R91)Case IH Farmall Cub magneto drive oil seal.
Gasket, Oil Filter Stud (SKU: 25352D)Gasket, Oil Filter Stud (SKU: 25352D)Case IH Farmall Cub oil filter stud gasket.
Oilpan Drain Plug/Touch Control Filler Plug (SKU: ABC539)Oilpan Drain Plug/Touch Control Filler Plug (SKU: ABC539)Farmall Cub oil pan drain plug/touch control filler plug.
Gasket, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Retainer (SKU: 251364R1)Gasket, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Retainer (SKU: 251364R1)Case IH Farmall Cub rear oil seal retainer gasket
Oil Filter chamber cover gasket (SKU: 251407R1)Oil Filter chamber cover gasket (SKU: 251407R1)Genuine Farmall Cub oil filter gasket
Oil Filter (SKU: 376373R91)Oil Filter (SKU: 376373R91)Case is literally written all over this filter. It's the OEM part for best performance of your Cub. Change your oil filter at regular intervals.
Oil Pan Gasket (SKU: FTC818)Oil Pan Gasket (SKU: FTC818)Farmall Cub oil pan gasket
Gasket, Farmall Cub valve cover (SKU: 251371R1)Gasket, Farmall Cub valve cover (SKU: 251371R1)Farmall Cub valve cover gasket
Gasket, Oil Pump Body (SKU: 251399R1)Gasket, Oil Pump Body (SKU: 251399R1)Case IH Farmall Cub oil pump body gasket.
Oil Filter Chamber Drain Cover (SKU: FTC925)Oil Filter Chamber Drain Cover (SKU: FTC925)Oil filter chamber drain cover
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