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International Harvester Case IH Farmall Cub Customer Photos

We derive great enjoyment from seeing our customers using this website to acquire parts, manuals, accessories, etc. for their restorations AND THEN sending us a picture of the finished results OR of the work in progress. We would love to get YOUR photos for this page.
Just email your photo to richard_batstone@verizon.net. Just one caution........please be sure your photo(s) is less than 1 Meg in size.
James Alvis of Dunnellon, Florida has restored this fine looking 1953 Cub with lots of parts from Farmall Cub Forever. Thanks Jim, it looks great! Beautiful work!
Here is the story of a happy new Cub owner:

My name is Chris Sansone and I live outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. A city boy from Buffalo, New York goes country!!! I just purchased my first tractor to help with our land (about 10 acres) and we bought a 1949 Farmall Cub!!! I was so excited to purchase the tractor from a friend as we always admired it from afar and now, with my wife's (Julie) help I stumble across this excellent web site that will help me trick out what I believe to be an already really cool tractor. Not quite as nice looking as some of them on the site (yet), but our tractor runs and works excellent and with the help of the web site we can make her top-notch. We call the tractor Grateful Red.

Anyway here is a photo of me and my youngest, Tony (2 ), on his future tractor!!!
Here are a couple of shots of a great little Cub, sent in by our good customer Gene Thomas of Guilford, CT. The tractor belongs to Gene's dad Gordon. Very nice family tractor!
Here is something we love to see..........a son (Rick Wood of Limington, Maine) restoring a family tractor that was originally purchased new in 1947 by his dad. What a great family heirloom. Check out these before and after views.
Ron and Lucy Lemes of Aztec, New Mexico have provided us with these pictures of their "workhorse". Ron points out that this is no beauty queen and that she really earns her keep. We think this is a great example of a well maintained hard working tractor.
Here is something you don't see all that often. This is a very nice yellow and white Cub. Our customer Laurent D'Entremont of Nova Scotia Canada is obviously enjoying his Cub of 32 years in these seasonal pictures. Very nice Laurent.
Our customer Kyle Shepherd from Orem, UT has sent the following pictures of the Cub that was purchased new in 1948 by his grandfather. Kyle has finished restoring this tractor is now the proud third generation owner of this great machine. This machine is a good worker and has some desirable implements that go with it. These include a 189 Two-way plow with coulter, a 28A disk harrow, a 252A beet and been cultivator, and a #22 sickle bar mower.

Good work......she's a fine looking tractor.
Here is a show tractor that we restored from the ground up in the late 90's. We decided to "thin the herd" and have recently sold this tractor to the gentleman in the picture. It is a 1938 Allis-Chalmers. The man who bought this tractor is from our home state of Massachusetts. His name is Bill and in addition to collecting tractors, he also has a passion for antique fire trucks. No surprise that he is also a "call" firefighter. Enjoy the new machine, Bill.
Here are two pictures of a fine looking Cub that has been restored by our customer Jack Covington of Lilburn, GA. We hope he and his family have many years of enjoyment from this great machine.
Here is a fine looking Cub with an interesting story. Nick Ruiz tells us the following:

My dad and I just finished our 1950 Cub. We live in a suburb of San Diego called Rancho Bernardo (my dad thinks it is a real ranch) He found it about 2 1/2 months ago for a great price. After replacing tires, carburetor, radiator, all belts and hoses, and after about 150 hours of hard work we came up with this. Almost all of the hardware is replaced with stainless steel. The tractor has a custom shift knob, Optima battery, rubber deck, homemade step, homemade SLV emblem bracket, homemade tool box, and LED lights all around. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did rebuilding it. We will be pulling a trailer of 16 boy scouts in the Rancho Bernardo Spirit of the fourth on 07/04/2011

It is always great to hear these father/son stories. Thanks for sharing and enjoy that Cub.

Ed McCain of Lakeland, Florida tells us a bit about his interesting Cub:

I have attached some pictures of my 52 CUB which is max outfitted with a single row planter, left and right fertilizer spreaders, a full set of cultivators and a home made PTO driven spray rig with 6' boom.

We think you will agree this is a unique rig.........very nice Ed!
Our customer Charley Sunderhaus of Hamilton, OH sends this picture of his nicely restored early Cub with a few custom paint touches. Note that this machine has a hand lift system vs hydraulics. Charley has done well in local show competition with this good looking tractor.
Here is an outstanding restoration of a mid 50's Cub. This machine has several nice features including the stainless steel side emblems, downswept exhaust, and the attractive multi-bar grill. This tractor is owned and was restored by Dan Healy of Kenduskeag, Maine. Great work, don't you agree!
This next photo comes from a customer in Sweden. When Janne Nilsson was about 8 years old back in 1972, he asked "daddy" again and again for a tractor. After many years of use and then about 20 years in the barn that same tractor has been rolled out again......just in time for Janne's son Olle to develop an interest in it. Here are father and son doing what comes naturally when a great old tractor comes along. Nothing like a father and son bonding while working on 1949 Cub! The look on a boy's face is the same the world over.
Here we have a handsome Cub all ready to go to work. This great looking tractor was restored by our good customer Dennis Hyatt of Santa Fe, Texas. Nice job Dennis!
Our customer Scott Swope of Jessup, Maryland has restored this tractor as a tribute to his dad who passed away in 1984. Scott says he remembers plowing with this tractor at the age of nine with Dad's supervision. Upon his retirement in March of 2012, Scott got right to work on this machine. Here are a couple of before and after shots. Nice job and great memories!
Here is Ken Tortoso's background info on his Cub:

Just a little history on the Cub. It has been in my family for about 20 years or so. It was previously owned by the Inc. Village of Farmingdale Highway Department and was taken out of service in the mid 80s. It was painted Highway yellow in the early 70s due to all he DPW trucks being yellow. All this Cub did was cut grass. It also came with a Mott belly flail mower which I am in the process of restoring as we speak. This restoration took me about 3 years to do and I loved every second of it. This Cub was a total restore from the engine to the rear end to new tires........ I mean everything. Now I just bring it to car shows and car meets. Living on Long Island, being over populated, the people get a kick out of it. Most of all I have to thank you and your parts dept for all the help and the parts :) Would also like to thank Chad Savage from Coast to Coast restorations & Marine in Mattituck Long Island, NY for the painting and Guidance thru the project.

Kenneth A Tortoso Jr Farmingdale Village Long Island New York-1948 International Harvester Farmall Cub owner

Great job Ken. Folks, here is the finished product:
Our customer Ed Groom of Rising Sun, Maryland has just finished restoring his 1960 Cub LoBoy. It is equipped with a fast-hitch and snow plow. Ed says all that is needed for completion is a few decals. Great looking tractor!
Our customer Mark Bohnen from Maplewood, MN has at least two reasons to be proud.....this excellent Cub restoration AND his smiling girlfriend Rita. Notice the great color-coordinated outfit she is wearing! Thanks for a great picture, Rita.
Richard Taylor of Albany NY sends this picture of his Cub.  He says it runs as good as it looks, and we say it sure looks good.
Bob Cardoza of South Grafton, MA tells us about his tractor:
"Moxie is a 1966 International Cub Standard....I did all the work myself...she did not run or move when I bought her....a super tune-up (hung valves in valve guides) and a new clutch got her to move....she is my new passion and has been my salvation...here is my picture...thanks"
Bob, you have a great looking yellow and white Cub there and we like the name you have given her.......thanks for sharing.
Our good customer Gary Knowles tells us a bit about his restoration of a 1952 Cub:

This was my first complete tractor restoration. I found my 1952 cub in pretty bad shape over in Labelle, Fl. Being in south florida, pickins are slim down here so i paid $600 and that included parts and pieces from a 1955 low boy as well. I retired last year and this is my new past time. It took me 6 months, which was over 1000 hours of time in restoring this one. Just finished her a couple weeks ago. Complete disassembly including engine rebuild, tranny and rear end overhaul. Thanks for the great service and parts I needed. It made my job much easier in obtaining what i needed.
Anyway thanks again for the great sales and service. I don't know if i'm the only customer you ever had from Miami. People down here don't understand tractor restoration. My next project is a Ford 8N. I've enclosed pics of before and after. Yes I customized the wheel paint to my liking and put the grill from the 55 on it because the 52 was too plain for me. Don't know why they didn't paint the wheels that way in the first place.
Gary Knowles
Miami, Florida

GREAT JOB GARY..........this is a first class restoration!




How's this for a great looking restoration?  Here are before and after pictures of "Molly" owned and restored by Lester Paquette of  West Brookfield, MA.
If its not red, it stays in the shed!  This is the word from our customer Jacob Novak and he tells the following story:        

I inherited this fine machine from my grandfather in 1991 when he passed away. He bought this Cub new in 1949 and used it for a small (1 acre) garden as well as mowing 7 acres of grass. He also had several attachments for the tractor which include a 12" bottom plow,set of discs, sicklebar mower, snow plow, belly mounted grader blade, and 60" mower deck. I also have all of these attachments with tractor which I intend to restore, of course with the help from my new friends at www.farmallcubforever.com

As for the restoration I completely dismantled the ol' girl and replaced the wiring harness, had the magneto rebuilt, starter rebuilt, honed the cylinders and re-ringed it, replaced all seals, cleaned out bottom reservoir tank below radiator, replaced clutch,pressure plate, pilot bushing, and throw out bearing. I also replaced the hydraulic unit. I then got to the paint, I stripped off the original paint sanded and primed it, and put several coats of IH red on her and then clear coated it. I will have this tractor the rest of my life and pass it on to my son. "I love my farmall cub".
Steve Barker of Rockford MI. restored his father’s 1948 cub. It belonged to an uncle before that and it has been in the family since new.  Many of the necessary replacement parts were bought from Farmall Cub Forever. 
(Thank you Steve, from Farmall Cub Forever!)
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