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Fuel Tank Liner Kit
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Many of our customers have asked for a way to fix a Cub (or any tractor) fuel tank that is causing problems because of rust or scale contaminating their fuel. Here is a 3-part kit that will allow you to treat your tank and solve the problem. It will even seal up small pinholes. Use the kit to clean, prep, and seal your gas tank. Comes with full instructions for use.

Please note this product cannot be sold in California

This kit includes 1 quart of each: Fuel tank cleaner, tank prep and tank liner. There is an instruction sheet included. This is a complete kit to coat a normal tractor fuel tank. It is resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, alcohol, ethanol and E85. It covers rust and seals pin holes. This is not for use with Methyl, Ethyl Ketone, Acetone, Methyl Chloride and Propylene Oxide.

Please note:  This product cannot by shipped by Priority Mail........UPS only please.
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